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Welcome to the (Indipendent)  Old- Roman Catholic Church in the Netherlands!

The (Indipendent) Old Roman Catholic Church in the Netherlands has got her roots in the Roman Catholic Church. She is deriving from the 'Church of Utrecht' who, during 18th century, out of her will was separated from the Roman Catholic 'Mother'- church.
Thus she is congruent tot the Roman Catholic Church, although before the liturgical changings of Vatican II and moreover observing specific laws on behalf of Apostolic Authority (Central authority of the pope). 

The (Indipendent) Old Roman Catholic Church in the Netherlands thus is a specific Roman Catholic church! Everything the Roman Catholic Church was well known about untill Vatican II is found in our (Indipendent) Old Roman Catholic Church.
Her bishops are fully in apostolic succession, thus validly ordained; and so are her priests.
In the year 1908 the old-catholic Archbishop of Utrecht ordained msgr. Arnold Harris Mathew to be the bishop of London for the Old Roman Catholic Church of England. The present (Arch-)bishop for the Netherlands, is one of his successors.

The (Indipendent) Old Roman Catholic Church in the Netherlands is a small church. She is self-serving and does not receive any subsidion. Priests mostly do have a job next to their ecclesiastical performance. However, as said: one may refind in her the traditional Catholic Church. Thus Latin Masses, prayer in choir etc.

Services and worships are held in the bishop’s chapel of the Christ the King:Wilgenlaan 2, 6841 Arnhem; tel. 026 - 321 88 57 ( every Sunday High Mass at 09.30 am).                                                                                           

Her priests are willing tot assist everywhere in the Benelux.
All services and worships are held according to the Rituale Romanum and the Roman Missal 1962, now happily re-agreed by Pope Benedict XVI.

Keeping Tradition, however, does not include the (Indipendent) Old Roman Catholic Church in the Netherlands (ORK) is a Traditionalist church!

On the contrary: her specific position allows her to have her own rules on behalf of modern developments in society. Thus there is e.g. a specific view to human relationship, sexuality, celibate a.s.o.

The most important goal of the (Indipendent) Old Roman Catholic Church is the ( revival of) roman catholic spiritual life.
So the Church is both orientated on traditional liturgy and pastoral needs. She finds herself inspired hereto by the teachings of the last Pius-popes and the fundamental meaning of Vatican II which was giving an impulse to the pastoral dimension of the Church. So we find back our goals even in the teachings of pope Benedict XVI, whenever we do uphold our own ideas and targets.

"Omnia instaurare in Christo":   this device is the goal of the ORK.
It does not mean the restauration of old structures because of that structures, but it means the rebuilding of the Kingdom of God; keeping the approved ones and engrafting new.
The summet of all is found in worshipping, using the old Liturgy.
Liturgy is defined as the Public Worshipping by the Holy Church (Pius XII: Mediator Dei); living with and in the Sacraments is the centre of all-day living.

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